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Danny James
Vietnam Pictures
Danny James
Vietnam Pictures
Submitted by Art Apruzzese
Art Apruzzese - March 1967
Art Apruzzese & Sister Barbara 1966
Art Apruzzese - In Los Osos, CA Memorial Park
Submitted by: Tom Schwarz (HS Company) 
Tom is on the left, marching in
2003 Memorial Day Parade in Angola, Indiana
Overheated On the Way to Keystone!!!
These pictures were taken in the village below Hill 41
in 1966, E-2-3.
Loyal Rongholt (excellent pointman) is seated, Cpl. John Duncan is standing behind Rongholt. and in the second photo he is standing in the road, which went through the village. The third photo is looking back at Hill 41.
This photo was submitted by Bob French

About July of 1967

This Ville ceased to exist!!!  After taking incoming sniper fire,  Grenades just before daylight,  and a ?? charge thrown into the bomb crater { plt cp} where S/Sgt French, Sgt Watson, and L/Cpl Dull {Radio operator} where everybody got really pi&#ed off and Bravo Battery fired Beehives over our heads into it.  Then the LSU platoon "took care" of the rest.  

This is the place where the Gun Ships got "carried away" and almost put their Rockets into the LSU positions before being called off.  The ambient temperature was very hot and water was scarce!!

Vietnam Pictures
Hill 41
Vietnam Pictures
Operation Beacon Torch
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