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Vietnam Pictures
Carlos Parscal
LCpl Yazzi, Hotel 2nd Plt.
Radioman on Board USS Princeton
R&R Barracks, Da Nang - 67
Da Nang - 66 - Airstrip
Da Nang - 66 - Jeep
Freedom Hill, Da Nang, Vietnam 1967
Vietnam Pictures
Bob French
This is the GY/Sgt from Wpns. Plt. who caught a round directly thru the front of his helmet and lived to tell about it.  BLT-2/3 19
Mike Hughes of H&S
BLT-2/3 1967 aboard the Uss Ogden
USMC - SSGT Alvin Bathea
SSgt Bathea died about 10 years ago in the Carolinas. He was in 81 mm mortars attached to Echo
Gy/Sgt Bowman {9th Motor T.}  Gy/Sgt French { LSU Plt.} behind him,  and ??? across isle.
Vietnam Pictures
Roy Alexander
2/3  VIETNAM Veterans Association