2/3  VIETNAM Veterans Association
Unit citations awarded to 2/3
Foxtrot Ridge
Brief history of 2/3 
1965 BLT 2/3 cruise book
A dog named Combat
The attack order for Operation: Double Eagle
Chuck Jenkin's account of Double Eagle
Tom Walsh's account of Double Eagle
John Duncan's account of Double Eagle
Scott Dodson "Growing up in Turmoil"
Georgie Carter - Krell
Medal of Honor recipients from 2/3
After-action report for Operation: Auburn
Lanny Johnson's account of Auburn
John Duncan's "Paris Island Memories"
Oral interviews at LZ Hawk from June 1968 
Marine Vietnam Command Chronologies
Georgia Tech's collection of links
Edward F. Murphy Speech April 2017
Charles P. Chritton Speech April 2017
Dennis Lee Speech April 2017