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Submitted by Kevin Henry

Foxtrot Company
You DON'T want to run into these guys in a dark jungle.........

Kevin Henry & Mark Woodruff ( Foxtrot Ridge author), USMC, John Wayne-ing it
somewhere along the DMZ , RVN, 1968
I let Mark borrow my machine gun.
Submitted by Kevin Henry

This picture was taken about 1998 at The Wall.
I didn't know Doc Riordan as I joined Fox right after he was killed.

Mark Woodruff remembers him well.

Front Row. L-R:
Rich Cain, Walt Henriksen, Ron Rydgren, Mike Nichols

Back Row, L-R:
Dale Braden, Ed Seals, Tom Murray, Harold Blunk, Walt Schaffer, Mark Woodruff,
Mary & Eleanor Riordan ( Doc's Sister & Mom)

Submitted by Kevin Henry
Bobby "Hillbilly' Croft (On the Right)

2/3  VIETNAM Veterans Association